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    We Create New Supply Chain Value In Management & Infrastructure
    Expert design of innovative implementations that deliver logistics visibility,
    velocity to market, lower landed costs and service quality
    essential for increased and sustainable profitability
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    Cold chain, Critical logistics, Engineering, and Energy Management Specialists
    We are an Indo-American joint venture, with local and global experience, committed to the
    supply chain excellence, integrity and skills that deliver our clients ongoing operating
    efficiency and superior service and product quality in the form of best possible ROI.
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    For Solution Creation and Project Management, We Go Beyond The Norm
    We excel in design and implementation of 'turn-key' projects including cold storage
    infrastructure and forward and backward market links for optimum results
    with inherent reliability, quality, efficiency, best 'cost-to-value' and ROI

Our Vision And Mission

We understand our client's needs in order to design, develop and deliver
achievable strategies, with expected results and best set of economics and quality


Advance our results oriented culture by becoming a leading provider of trusted and sustainable cold chain and critical logistics supply chain improvements. Base our deliverables on smart infrastructure planning, modern plant and warehouse design and construction, applied SCM technology, focused project management, skills training and the creation of new supply chain management value for our clients.


Adopt and implement creative processes and technologies for continuous improvements in our solution quality and value to clients and client customers. Help our clients achieve supply chain excellence and high impact business transformation with modern and integrated logistics driving reliable, high quality performance, ongoing operating efficiency and timely execution of services.


Achieve industry recognition as the preferred ‘go-to’ partner for the best ‘cost-to-value’ project design and implementation partner delivering improved operating efficiency, scalability and profitability with distinct competitive advantages.

Top Blue Management

  • Tanmay Das


    BE Mechanical Engineering, MBA Finance & CFA, XIM Bhubaneswar.
    Certified Financial Analyst with more than 20 years of diverse experience in finance, fund management and development of energy generation assets. Director at Tasvaya Ventures Partners, REHPL and KSK. Core work areas include business development, M&A, asset management, capital structuring, project evaluation and vetting formal business agreements. Instrumental in raising US$200 million in foreign funding.

  • Lloyd Sanford

    Managing Director

    BOA University of Washington, USA - CMILT, TQM and BPR Certification during 35 years of executive level supply chain logistics experience as Managing Director, APL, CEO Inchcape and Managing Director, Applied Logistics India. Specializes in cold chain infrastructure, SCM information technology, critical logistics, freight forwarding, business process re-engineering, e-Commerce and international air and ocean transport.

  • Shubham Srivastava

    Head – Technology

    BE Mechanical , University of Mysore , PGDBM – Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies.
    Held divisional management positions with UTC Carrier, Commercial and Blue Star Ltd., with over 15 years of technical cold chain refrigeration systems design, integration and implementation. Specializes in innovative, high quality, efficient and energy saving cold storage set ups.


We give each and every time-sensitive product across a variety of cold and
dry industries the individual attention required for protecting product value

Our Cold Chain Solutions


We understand produce aging and value deterioration and our modern horticulture cold chain designs help increase farmer gate earnings, lower total landed costs and permit delivery of higher quality chill and frozen produce.

To service high-end retailers, QSR stores, hotels, and food processors at international standard levels and maximize return on cold chain investments, it is critical for horticulture product suppliers and buyers to lower the currently high levels of produce waste. TBSC efficient and effective cold storage facility and integrated refrigerated transport set-ups permit our clients to move higher volumes and more varieties of fruit & vegetables from farm to market in better condition and at lower costs for optimum value.


TBSC can help dairy milk producers and milk product processors expand their value add production and distribution networks with safer, more visible and more economical cold chain set-ups.

TBSC designs food processing, cold storage and distribution warehousing to international standards to ensure that proper milk product handling systems and interventions are in place for maximum hygiene protection and value. Our vendor “eco-system” management style allows TBSC to be completely neutral, adhere 100% to our client’s agenda and manage projects for the right selection of buildings, process halls, chambers, equipment, utility services, process controls, plant technology, supply chain IT and client staff skills training.


TBSC ensures that poultry products are handled properly from a cultural sensitivity and food safety & handling perspective while also being processed and distributed for maximum value.

Poultry processing plant designs are global standard for HACCP, EH&S and ISO Certification to make certain that adherence to product hygiene and labour safety are equally of number one importance, followed closely by protection of product value. Thus it is critical during our project management, that TBSC systems capture all events, temperatures, flow and volumes from bird farm to slaughtering and then on through primary and secondary processing and delivery to market.


We provide solution design and project management requirements for setting up marine product processing, cold storage and refrigerated transport to ensure optimum value for fresh ocean catch and aqua cultivation production.

TBSC hybrid multi-temperature, multi-product food processing and cold chamber cold storage and food park models are designed and sized to meet just the right market requirements for specific clients needs and business model performance expectations. TBSC recognizes end-market demands for higher quality, high hygiene product that is caught, raised, processed, packaged, stored and transported meeting stringent Indian, USA FDA and EU food safety standards.

Food Processing
Retail and QSR

Predictable inbound material and finished goods flows and the quality of product are essential profitability components for food processors, retailers and quick service restaurants

To help buyers achieve predictable material flows along the entire cold chain, TBSC provides full ‘end-to-end’ visibility of perishable products by type, origin, age, quantity and packaging on one hand, and detailed real-time pick ups and arrival times that is critical to secondary cold chain operating performance on the other. TBSC brings valuable backward market linkage expertise and skills on how best to streamline transactions and eliminate excessive logistics and handling costs from origin farm to store. We take the responsibility to project manage integrated cold chain set ups including best possible cold storage economics with “neutral” and “comprehensive” vendor management and energy saving schemes for best ‘cost-to-value’ cold storage operations and integrated reefer transport.

Integrated Cold Storage and Refrigerated Transport

Cold storage facilities and integrated reefer transport must be designed from the perspective of protecting and extending product value from time of harvest through retail shelf life or processing plant receipt

TBSC plans and designs best product flow options oriented around setting up just the right type of collection centres and primary processing centres for servicing agro-processing and final market delivery. Each produce production cluster across India, has an array of produce types, volumes and mixed seasonality. Thus TBSC carries out thorough market viability assessments in order to recommend the right cold chain structure. We analyze for recommending correct types, numbers and size of grading equipment and refrigeration systems including reefer vehicles, integrated pack house processing and cold storage chambers.

Our Supply Chain Management Solutions

Supply Chain Strategies
& Financial Planning

With our broad supply chain management portfolio bridging cold chain, retail, 3PL, freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing & distribution and supply chain management information technology players, TBSC is well positioned to assess your supply chain needs and recommend sound business plan improvements.

TBSC improvement projects focus on helping our clients move time-sensitive components and finished goods faster, safer, more secure and at lower total landed cost. TBSC is able to closely examine, recommend and then design and implement, under our responsibility, highly effective client tailored solutions for stand-alone or fully integrated operations across multiple supply chain partners. This includes improving both service quality and bottom line results, based on our Certified Financial Analysts calculated input.

& Global 3PL Solutions

The TBSC Team has over 45 years of rich international and domestic air, ocean, freight forwarding and customs house clearance experience in helping buyers, sellers and logistics service providers sharpen business efficiency, process controls, operating velocity, event visibility and IT effectiveness in order to compete in world markets.

Our understanding of international trade and our attention to underlying transaction detail enables us to help clients set up reliable supply chains that pre-empt service failures. We have spent extensive time in day-to-day international logistics operations covering multi-modal moves across multiple parties with complex documentation requirements. TBSC can assess how well you are positioned to service the global market and if needed, introduce you to new processes, affordable IT systems and skills training that will allow you to compete at or above international norms.

& Distribution

Warehousing for storage alone does not generate optimum ROA or revenues. TBSC uses modern inventory optimization practices aimed at what is termed “inventory in motion” to increase value add benefits and income for our clients.

Where feasible, TBSC likes to treat warehouses as either storage sites or as temporary stops for value add processing activity. More often then not, we design modern distribution around inventory optimization practices where high through put, rapid and flexible stock re-allocation and 100% order fulfillment are key goals. TBSC can evaluate your current warehousing processes and pinpoint opportunities to create full event visibility, streamline flows and tighten controls for faster and safer goods handling, quicker and more accurate pick & pack efficiency and increased labour productivity.


Servicing time-sensitive goods needing high velocity logistics with ‘point-to-point’ or hub-spoke air express and e-Commerce city deliveries, has given the TBSC Team the right experience and credentials to help our clients fully manage world-class critical logistics for faster delivery and significantly lower inventory carrying costs.

TBSC tools, technology, training and support services give our clients the control over ‘end-to-end’ operations and thus the ability to quickly and precisely invoke inventory adjustments, cut out unnecessary delay, improve goods handling conditions and speed orders to clients with real-time track & trace and on-time delivery assurance.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
& Logistics Skills Training

We understand that two key supply chain performance challenges are 100% adherence to fully implemented SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and the adoption of affordable SCM IT that automates that which should be automated, at any given step in the supply chain lifecycle.

We help your team learn and embrace the skills essential for fast and profitable growth using supply chain excellence as your competitive edge and SCM & Logistics Information Technology as your quality performance and efficiency driver. TBSC builds our client’s team skills at each and every level and across departments in order that they can collaborate and create new value in the form of high performance supply chain management.

E-Commerce, Returns Management / Reverse Logistics

The TBSC Team was involved in setting up India’s e-Commerce operations for fashion and baby goods plus the first pan-India reverse logistics operation spanning all states. We have demonstrated how e-logistics is the engine for e-Commerce success and an integral component of India’s rapid e-Commerce industry growth.

Distribution of finished goods has built in delivery cost, but this is not usually the case for returned merchandise, hence the need to control returned goods cost. TBSC has the know-how and systems to take on the unpredictable nature of reverse logistics, especially last minute pick up calls, variances in order type, volume and packaging. Our experience includes analysis, design and implementation of reverse logistics for a variety of products and multiple industries here in India.


When TBSC commits to providing individual clients what they need in a cold chain or supply chain improvement, we are committing to provide individual products, configured solutions and just the right tailored technology, applied in just the right way, for maximum solution benefit.

Cold Storage & Refrigerated Transport Technology

TBSC has partnered with leading supply chain collaboration technology provider, Shipx, in the development and launching of cold chain TMS (transportation management system) functionality enabling our clients to have real-time access to critical operating data, events and documents governing safe and speedy transport of their perishable product.

The TBSC IT platform and integrated software applications go beyond the norm to be certain that all remotely accessed Bar Code, RFID and semi-automated manual entry data concerning a particular item, order or shipment, is captured electronically and streamed through the system for fastest possible consideration and action.

Cold Chain Visibility and Event Management Tools

It is understood that any event, for example, the handover of a shipment to another party in the supply chain, or the entry of a status update into a TMS, must be expected, monitored and measured in order to be in compliance with SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and thus reliably executed, on time. TBSC has the skills and experience needed for setting up manual, semi-automated and fully automated processes tailored to individual client work flows.

The TBSC Team makes certain that quality SOPs are created and implemented thoroughly and that related data concerning a procedure is inputted to the system at that time. With this attention to detail and complete supply chain visibility and event data capture, TBSC, is able to help our clients be on top of actual order events and provide superior cold chain services to their customers.

Cold Chain Inventory & Asset Value Visibility

TBSC IT is about speed, accuracy and efficiency at each step of the cold chain and thus TBSC IT systems are able to link with all of our client’s key supply chain participants for proper visibility and control over inventory flow and asset utilization.

If a product supplier could accurately predict product type, size, weight and quality and in what volume, at various points in the cold chain it would enable that supplier to route higher value goods to consumers that will pay premium prices and lower value to low-end markets. TBSC IT captures the detail of an inbound purchase order or outbound sales order and tracks order attributes at any given time.

Inventory Management (SCM OMS, TMS and WMS)

TBSC has developed a range of functionality within easily integrated software applications running on a high performance supply chain collaboration platform.

Translated into real-world logistics value, this means each party within a supply chain community can input or extract order and shipment information at the time it arises and thus enable all participants to access that which they access at just the right time for optimum planning and decision-making.

Demand Planning & Advance Production Planning System

Top Blues Supply Chains IT has an inherent demand planning visibility value which, in turn, enables our clients to more accurately forecast demand against expected supply and thus streamline flows, reduce excess inventories and eliminate unnecessary operating costs.

If a logistics specialist needs to start the day with visibility into warehouse space utilization, labour planning, order fulfillment and the most efficient handling of inbound or outbound spikes in goods flow, then it would be prudent to have the earliest possible verification of expected events. TBSC IT enables users to see critical event detail such as what orders are planned for pick up or are enroute to the warehouse or need to be dispatched, thus providing them with an in & out demand view for more accurate planning.

Client Tailored SCM IT Training

Regardless of the type of supply chain management improvement designed, TBSC knows that it is not fully implemented until users of the improved processes fully understand the value of carrying out new tasks as expected, in accordance the new SOPs.

Change Management is historically the most critical component for successful quality process initiatives and the TBSC Team has a sound grasp on the underlying obstacles that typically make change management difficult. We use modern quality process and business process re-engineering training tools, tailored to the exact needs of our client at each level of activity from front line to the corner office executives to introduce a refreshing new approach to skills training aimed at increasing productivity and creating a “self-motivating” work environments.


TBSC knows what services are needed to maintain perishable nutrition, protein, fresh taste and appeal and make certain each product is handled properly from harvest through each touch and transit point enroute to food processing centers or store shelves.

Cold Chain Services & Supply Chain Improvements

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